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Bala Brook

Retreat Centre on Dartmoor

Women's Retreat - The Menopause - Yoga and Nutrition

with Lucie Minne and Polly Agar

Following our successful Women’s retreat 2017, we can again offer a space to unwind and reconnect with your inner source of being in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Dartmoor The program will support the nurturing of ourselves through yoga, both empowering and restorative, deep rest, breathing exercises and meditation, including a special evening sequence for better sleep. There will be some periods of silence providing a precious opportunity to find the still place within.

We will also be looking at how what we eat can affect our experience of the menopause and all the food and recipes on the retreat will have been carefully researched and selected to be especially beneficial for women at this time of their lives. At Bala Brook we are surrounded by nature and there will be opportunities to explore the atmospheric landscape of Dartmoor or you can choose to relax, be still and soak in the innate peace of this special place.

Yoga. Lucie’s teaching is influenced by different strands of Hatha Yoga to create a session that builds strength and flexibility in a graceful way. She blends posture work and relaxation in and harmonizing wholeness with emphasis on mindfulness – opening up to the innate joy and peace at the source of our being. Lucie Lucie teaches regular classes, one to one sessions and workshops in south Devon since 2002. During the last few years also much appreciated retreats at Bala Brook. All levels are welcome but to benefit most it is advisable to have some basic experience of yoga.

Food. Polly grew up on a Devon smallholding and has had a keen interest in food – both growing and cooking - from an early an early age. She chose the vegetarian road in her early teens and has been experimenting on her family ever since! Since experiencing the beginning of the menopause, Polly has been looking into how a change in diet can be influential during this sometimes challenging time - and continues to research the subject. Polly Polly cooks regularly at Bala Brook and some recent quotes include “The food worked really well, it was delicious”, “I felt really nurtured” and ”Thanks for all your delicious food and heartfelt presence on the retreat”. All the food and recipes on the retreat will have been be carefully researched and selected to be especially beneficial for women at this time of their lives.

Cost includes accommodation, all meals, refreshments and tuition.
Single rooms: £285 en suite, £240 economy shared bathroom.
Twin rooms: £270 en suite, £240 shared bathroom. Triple: £260 en suite.
Deposit £100 non-refundable.
There will be a maximum of 14 guests.

Friday 26th - Sunday 28th October 2018

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Typical Daily Schedule
(times and activities may change)

7:30 Meditation and breathing exercises
8:00 Breakfast
9.15 Mindfulness walk
10:15-12:00 Yoga, invigorating
12:30 Lunch
13:00 Time to explore the area or rest
15:30-16:30 Tea and nibbles: Talk about healing food during menopause
16:45-18:00 Yoga, restorative
18:30 Supper
20:00 Evening program

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