About Bala Brook

Bala Brook is an inclusive, non-denominational residential retreat centre, nestling in its own valley on the southern edge of Dartmoor National Park.

It offers individuals and groups an educational, creative, therapeutic and spiritual space in which to explore and evolve.

We aspire to minimise our carbon footprint and step lightly on the earth at Bala Brook. We ask that all activity taking place is respectful of the ethos of the Trust and the sacred quality of the land and the river.

The retreat centre is located beside a fast-flowing moorland brook and surrounded by nature. It provides a tranquil, beautiful and nurturing setting, with comfortable accommodation for up to fifteen people.

We offer practitioners and group leaders the opportunity to host their own events at Bala Brook, as well as hosting our own retreats, workshops and events.

Our five core values are creativity, collaboration, responsibility, community and well-being.

  • Bedroom 6
  • Kuti
  • Bala Brook House Kitchen
  • Shower room
  • Room 5
  • Ensuite Bedroom 1
  • Bathroom at Bala Brook
  • Main Bala Brook House from drive
  • The Bala Brook
  • Bala garden flora & fauna
  • Bala garden flora & fauna
  • Foxgloves in summer
  • Bala garden flora & fauna
  • Summer Daisies

“I found Bala Brook was a truly magical experience. The accommodation and food were first class. I will certainly be back”

“The combination of this beautiful place and the care and love.. works its magic”

“Bala Brook is inviting, rejuvenating and peaceful”

“You are immersed in nature from the moment you arrive. The centre is light, welcoming and simply a wonderful place to be”

“Deeply nurturing, a creative loving facilitator, delicious food”

“Beautiful grounding experience”

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