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Bala Brook

Retreat Centre on Dartmoor

Summer Yoga and Walking Retreat

with Lucie Minne and John Chatterton

This longer weekend will allow you space to unwind and reconnect with your inner source of joy and aliveness in a warm and friendly atmosphere supported by yoga practice, tasty organic vegetarian food prepared by our cook, Polly, and the unique landscape around you at Bala Brook.

Bala Brook The days will offer a program of yoga, breathing exercises and meditation and will feature guided walks on the Moor. We shall explore the varied and atmospheric Summer landscape surrounding Bala Brook, with ancient oaks, ferns, mosses and lichen. You can also choose to relax, be still and soak in the innate peace of Dartmoor.

Yoga. Lucie’s teaching is influenced by different strands of Hatha Yoga to create a session that builds strength and flexibility in a graceful way. She blends posture work and relaxation in an harmonizing wholeness with emphasis on mindfulness – opening up to the innate joy and peace at the source of our being. There will be morning and late afternoon yoga sessions as well as meditation before breakfast. All levels are welcome but to benefit most it is advisable to have some basic experience of yoga. John has been teaching yoga for 14 years and now facilitates yoga and Buddhist retreats at Bala Brook. He will be leading the pranayama, meditation sessions and guided walks.

Cost includes accommodation, all meals, refreshments and tuition.
Single rooms: £375 en suite, £330 economy shared bathroom.
Twin rooms: £360 en suite, £330 shared bathroom. Triple: £350 en suite.
Deposit £100 non-refundable.
There will be a maximum of 14 guests.

Typical Daily Schedule (times and activities may change)
7:00 Meditation, pranayama and stretch with John
8:00 Breakfast
9.15 Walking meditation, mindfulness practice
10:00-12:00 Yoga led by Lucie
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Guided walk on the moor with John or free time
16:45-18:00 Yoga with Lucie
18:30 Supper
20:00 Evening program, Circle Dance, moonlight walk
On one of the day's there will be a long walk which will include a packed lunch.

Thursday 15th - Sunday 18th June 2017

For more information and booking
please contact

Circle Dance.
The circle is an ancient symbol for unity and moving rhythmically in a circle is the oldest form of dance which allows everyone, regardless of their background, to discover the joy and energy of moving together. The steps are easy to learn and you don't need a partner. Different music styles blend in a spectrum reflecting all the elements and moods of life - earthy, fiery, flowing, airy and meditative. The sense of connection and unity builds up throughout the session. Often we come naturally to a place of inner stillness with a sense of homecoming and oneness with all – the dance becomes a meditation in movement.

circle dance

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